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E N E R G Y   A S   F O R M


Richard White:  Artist Statement


Is the universe experiencing a paradigm shift that is impacting how our perceptual field interprets consciousness and quantum energy?  As cultures have changed over more than 85,000 years plus, it redefines the arts for humankind within our perceptual fields. Physicists are now stating that the physical world is not only quantifiable but is a subjective perception from the observer.  As an artist for over 50 years, I continue to explore the perceptual fields in which we live. This current body of work examines our consciousness, the universe, and quantum energy from a non-dual perspective to experience the oneness of this energy from original light and the ceaseless stretching, twisting, and proliferation of our perceptual fields. Through color, space, and ever-changing form, I am giving voice to the geometric expansion of our source within the light and energy that permeates the human experience and perception with no beginning and no end. 

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